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TNT international courier service
First, TNT's introduction:

TNT Group is the world's leading express postal service provider, for enterprises and individual customers with a full range of courier and postal services. Headquartered in the Netherlands, distributed in more than 200 countries and regions, TNT Express has 74,000 employees (as of the end of 2007), in the corporate social responsibility efforts to obtain the international community's recognition, is the world's first " Certified courier business.

Second, the advantages of TNT:

1, TNT Greater China is a branch of TNT Express, covering mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Greater China, TNT has about 17,000 professional staff.
2, TNT China mainly provides international express and domestic land transport services, outlets throughout the country in various places. It has 26 international express branch and three international express ports. TNT operates the largest private land transport network in China through its wholly owned land transport company, the world-based Arima. Its domestic land transport business under the jurisdiction of 1,250 business outlets, covering more than 500 cities in China. In addition, TNT also provides leading industry direct marketing services in China.
3, TNT Hong Kong always adhere to the customer as the center. As a major gateway to and from China, TNT Hong Kong provides customers with comprehensive international and cross-border services.
4, TNT Taiwan to provide customers with first-class service experience. The stable and experienced management team has built TNT Taiwan into an outstanding express operating agency and consistently delivers innovative delivery solutions to its customers.

Third, TNT billing: (specific prices, please consult the business staff)
The following are the same as the "
TNT fuel surcharges: 14% of freight (August 8, 2010 - September 4, 2010, these rates apply to countries such as the UK, Ireland, and the European continent and the United States)
TNT's remote surcharges: 2 yuan / kg (the lowest remote surcharge is $ 50)

four. TNT general aging of 3-5 days to reach Europe and the United States

Fives. TNT Express Inquiry


six. TNT prohibited items

1) aviation embargo of dangerous goods, liquids, powder and so on. And the state banned the export of goods, such as antique, currency and other infringing products.
2) can not send the country (region) law provides prohibited items.
3) TNT embargo goods.