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A, what is FBA:

FBA (English full name: by Amazon Fulfillment, Amazon provides the delivery business)
Amazon is currently the main business of three main:
1, Media (that is, the sales commission of their own vendors products),
2, FBA (rental shop + sell traffic + sub warehouse lease + generation of packaging generation shipping + generation collection),
3, web services Amazon (including s3\db\aq and other products, can be understood as IDC+CDN acceleration + personalized station)
On China, Amazon users, Amazon FBA process includes 2 steps: 1 the cost of the goods to the warehouse of domestic service providers, 2 domestic service providers to transport the goods to the warehouse (or Amazon Amazon Amazon America Europe)
First, the standard service
From Chinese Shenzhen, Guangzhou port city warehouse receipt, shipping and cargo transportation by the seller of the goods sent to the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and other countries designated the Amazon warehouse!
Two, value-added services
1 print Amazon Tags: in accordance with the requirements of the Amazon FBA bar code to print the corresponding labels for each product
2 generation stickers: according to the Amazon FBA storage requirements, each product is affixed to the corresponding bar code
3 sub box fee: according to the type and quantity requirements of the Amazon FBA storage products, sorting box packing
Three, return service
Can help to deal with the withdrawal of the Amazon warehouse. To help customers to operate cargo warehousing retransmission or other processing. In accordance with the actual conditions of the relevant operating requirements, the other charges.
Four, extension service

Agent import and export customs declaration, customs clearance and pay customs fees VAT

Customs clearance and tax
Customs clearance:
Customs clearance, the domestic service providers to use the customer's own VAT account for customs clearance. If the customer does not have a VAT account, the domestic service providers can also provide "VAT account registration" value-added services. About VAT account registration, please check the "value added services - UK VAT registration" service.
Tax calculation:
Calculation of empty shipping taxes: taxes = value * tariff
Tariff threshold and query method in various countries
On the issue of tariff from various countries, today we sorted out about the common customs tariff, and value-added tax, tariff algorithm:
British tax levy: 15 pounds (22 euros)
Tariff threshold: 135 pounds
Guan Shui integrated components: VAT (VAT) + DUTY (Guan Shui) + ADV (customs clearance fees)
(VAT = value (to the customs declaration and freight) +DUTY)
DUTY (Guan Shui) X = value of product tax
Australia starting point: 1000 Australian dollars
Comprehensive tariff: DUTY + GST + ADV (customs clearance fees)
GST = VAT (value (to the customs declaration) + shipping + DUTY) X 10%
DUTY = X value rate
American threshold: $200
Comprehensive tariff: DUTY (tariff) + ADV (customs duties)
DUTY = X value rate
EU levy point 22 euros
Comprehensive tariff: VAT = (X value (to the customs declaration) product tax + value) X 21%
DUTY = (X value of product tax)
EU Member States (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria)
B, Amazon each warehouse address
C, FBA Amazon range of business scope:
1, the United States FBA Shuangqing tax package to the door
2, FBA Europe Shuangqing tax package to the door
3, FBA Canada Shuangqing tax package to the door

4, FBA Japan Shuangqing tax package to the door