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DHL international courier service

Note: Since January 1, 2011, Hong Kong DHL will be fully levied on the size of the ship is too large and heavy overweight, as follows: the length of more than 120CM and more than 70 kg will be levied, the amount of each vote is 200 Yuan, calculated on the basis of each bill of lading. Hong Kong DHL delivery service update notice: Hong Kong DHL service

First, DHL's introduction:

DHL, is a company founded from the United States, the current joint venture between Germany and the United States courier shipping company, is currently the world's largest air courier shipping companies. DHL is the global leader in express delivery, intercontinental transport and air cargo, and the world's first shipping and contract logistics provider. DHL provides customers with a full range of logistics solutions from document to supply chain management. DHL Whether it is a document or package, whether it is day, limited time or limited service, DHL can provide services to meet your needs, China Shipping International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is the Hong Kong DHL Express in the domestic agent, the price is reasonable, Delivery fast, is your preferred international courier service.

Second, the advantages of DHL:

1, DHL perfect delivery and logistics services
2, DHL the world's largest express and logistics network
Staff - more than 285,000 people; office space - about 6,500; transit centers, warehouses and distribution stations - more than 450; ports - 240; aircraft - 420; operating vehicles - 76,200; country and region - - more than 220; the amount of each year - more than 1.5 billion; covered by the destination - 120,000
3, DHL aviation - with the flight to connect the world, DHL itself has four airlines.

Third, DHL billing (including prices, surcharges, tariffs)
The following are the same as the "
1) DHL price
HKDHL price can be directly in the Air Transport website:
HKDHL volume weight = length cm X wide cm X high cm / 5000, if the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, according to the volume of weight billing, that is, whichever is greater.

2) DHL surcharge
(Excluding the United States), the standard is: 3.6 / KG, the minimum charge of 180 yuan per ticket, remote surcharges need to add fuel surcharge; DHL query remote URL:, the site query is not 100% accurate, but eventually to DHL billing. If the DHL bill shows that the remote need to increase the cost of remote, I will automatically charge this part of the remote costs.
Textiles cost: a ticket plus 50 yuan textile (60 US dollars, Nigeria does not take textiles)
Fuel surcharge: HKDHL fuel surcharges are included in the shipping costs
3) DHL tariffs
(Usually if the declared value is higher than the actual value is too low, will produce a relatively high tariff) if the recipient refused to pay the tariff, the tariff will be automatically issued by the tariff People bear.
Note: DHL all the goods leading to Kazakhstan, only to the ALA and GUW these two cities, in addition to these two cities, to other countries in this country, it is necessary to add the relevant clearance costs, if sent from the ALA and GUW Other cities also need to charge additional delivery fees

Four, DHL's waybill:

Five, aging

The parcel is calculated from the date of delivery of the DHL warehouse, with reference to the normal delivery time of 2-7 working days (this time for the express mail to the recipient to receive this shipment only), except in special circumstances! Delivery time and the destination of the customs clearance time and flight arrangements are very relevant.

Six, tracking service

The goods leave the Internet easy to deal with the center after the port can be found in the HKDHL query site to see the receipt records, in the HKDHL website can query the full tracking information, and can check the receipt time and name.
DHL pieces of the Division I can handle the delivery of goods after the tracking number, the normal delivery from our company within 2 working days after the Internet. After the Internet I provide the tracking number can be used as reference information for real-time tracking, query as follows:
1) Login DHL query website: http: //
2) Click to follow the sender reference information, as shown below:
3) fill in the sender reference information bar that is provided by the Division I tracking number, and then fill in the express date range from that column, click the track button drop down, the date of this column Please note that fill out earlier than the delivery time, As shown below:

Seven, volume and weight restrictions and overweight surcharge

Single piece of the longest side does not exceed 1.2 meters, a single piece does not exceed 70KG, for the long overweight single parcel please contact our customer service before delivery.
1) sent to Nigeria, the weight of a single piece can not exceed 50KG, single vote does not exceed 50KG, the proposed split into more votes, the weight of each ticket does not exceed 50KG;
2) sent to Angola's express mail, single weight can not exceed 50KG, single vote does not exceed 250KG;
3) sent to Tunisia, the weight of a single piece can not exceed 30KG, single vote does not exceed 40KG;
4) sent to Algeria's express mail, a single can not go over 40KG.

Long long overweight surcharge is calculated as follows:
1) a single number (that is, a ticket), no matter how many pieces, as long as there is one or more of the length of more than 120CM or weight more than 70KG, HKDHL will charge 200 surcharge;
2) a single number (that is, a ticket), no matter how many pieces, if one side of the length of more than 120CM, and another weight of more than 70KG, HKDHL only charge 200 surcharge, namely: 1 single (That is, one vote) will only charge a maximum of 200 surcharge, and the need to calculate the fuel surcharge.
3) 500KG above to be sub-votes, DHL goods unilateral length greater than or equal to 120CM or a single piece of charge is greater than or equal to 70KG, levy the size of the goods is too large and heavy weight surcharge: RMB200 yuan / votes, and additional Fuel Surcharge.

Eight, prohibited items

1) aviation embargo of dangerous goods, liquids, powder and so on. And the state banned the export of goods, such as antique, currency and other infringing products.

2) items that require additional information
A, send the battery and battery items, need to provide MSDS certification and battery letter (to provide the original) (if necessary, please contact customer service)
B, mail brand name products need to provide a formal purchase invoice or power of attorney

9. Compensation / insurance / other value-added services

1) compensation standard
For less pieces, out of stock, broken packets
If the recipient received the weight, quantity, number of pieces, damaged packets, please receive the package within 24 hours to receive feedback to the destination DHL loss or damage. And within 7 working days will be the recipient of the local registration of the record number provided to the Division I, in order to DHL investigation claims. If verified by DHL, the maximum compensation for the free shipping, compensation package of the declared value, the maximum does not exceed 100USD, part of the damage or loss required by the actual loss of the percentage of the total number of compensation, but the maximum compensation does not exceed 100USD.
Due to customs checks caused by the parcel lost
When the parcel passes the customs office, the customs opens the parcel check, which may result in the loss of the parcel, the items (all or part) of the parcel, or seized by the customs. AVIC does not assume any responsibility for this.
2) insurance
You can buy insurance to reduce unforeseen losses, we recommend valuables as much as possible to buy insurance.

Ten, customer order system operation

1) Item description
The actual name and quantity are required when submitting the product name. Do not accept a gift or sample declaration.

2) declared value
Customers can decide their own fill in the amount of the proposed declaration of the actual value of the declaration of goods in order to avoid high tariffs and fines.

3) recipient address
HKDHL does not accept PO BOX email address, must provide the recipient phone, fill in the above information should be filled in English, other languages not.

11, customer orders packaging requirements

Please note that the packaging should be intact, do not break easily, in addition to the outside of the packaging bag in addition to the address label, as far as possible not to bring other unrelated mark, for the best fragile packaging on the fragile signs, in the middle of the parcel, Paste the address label printed from the interchange logistics system, please pack your package so that it is not damaged in transit.

Twelve, return to pieces

HKDHL If the package can not be received due to the recipient can not be signed, because the package can not enter the destination customs or within the prescribed period does not provide processing advice, which led to the package was returned to the sender, from the destination country returned to Hong Kong or Shenzhen freight will be sent by the sender bear. AVIC will automatically deduct the relevant charges on the sender's account.