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International express weight billing standards

Read : 【 309 】 Time : 【 2017-01-17 】
How is the international express freight? International express billing weight standards, international express weight billing standards

1. Billing weight unit: Speedpost industry generally to every 0.5KG (0.5 kg) for a billing weight unit
2. The first weight and the weight: Speedpost delivery of goods to the first 0.5KG as the first weight (or lifting), each additional 0.5KG for a continuation. Often the cost of lifting is relatively high.
3. Real weight and volume: refers to the need to transport a number of items, including packaging, including the actual total weight, called real weight; when the need to send items larger and lighter weight, due to transport (aircraft, Cars, etc.) carrying capacity and can load the volume of goods limited, the need to take the volume of goods into the weight of the method as a calculation

4. Billing weight: According to the definition of both real weight and volume and the International Air Cargo Association, the weight of the freight collected during the carriage of goods is calculated on the basis of the actual weight and volume weight of the bulk of the goods.
(Note: At present, only the international EMS by weight to calculate, and other international courier are in accordance with the actual weight and volume weight of the two to calculate the higher)
Regular items: long (cm) × width (cm) × height (cm) ÷ 5000 = weight (KG)
Weight: DHL Express
The cost of transport will be affected by the amount of space occupied by the cargo on the aircraft more than the actual weight, which is also known as the volume (or space) weight.
Use our tools to calculate the volume weight
What is the weight of the volume?
The volume weight of the shipment is a calculation method that reflects the packing density. Generally large and small density of goods will usually occupy more space than the actual weight, we will be based on the volume (space) weight and the actual weight of a higher as a fee.

DHL freight new algorithm
To tie in with advanced aircraft design and technology, we have to adopt new calculations to make more efficient use of warehouses and to avoid excessive volume of shipments. In this way, we can further streamline our business processes and benefit our customers from space saving.
The move also encourages customers to improve packaging efficiency by using more compact and environmentally friendly packaging materials, thereby reducing shipments and reducing freight costs.
DHL Express has updated the volume calculation method for shipments to standardize the volume weight calculation of low-density packages.
How to calculate the volume weight of courier shipments
The volume divisor of the calculated volume weight has been changed to 5000, and the new formula applies to all DHL Express day, time and day delivery products. The new formula is as follows:
Length * Width * Height / 5000
You can also use this calculation tool to calculate the volume weight of DHL Express shipments.

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