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Knowledge of Common Terms of International Freight

Read : 【 264 】 Time : 【 2017-01-17 】
1. ORC: OriginReceivingCharge Ferry port surcharge;
2. DDC: DestinationDeliveryCharge port of destination delivery fee;
3. THC: TerminalHandlingCharge terminal operation (hanging cabinet) fee;
4. BAF: BunkerAdjustedFactor fuel surcharge, or FAF (FuelAdjustedFactor);
5. The currency depreciation surcharge;
6. DOC: Document fee;
7. PSS: PeakSeasonSurcharge: peak season surcharge;
8. AMS: AmericaManifestSystem.
Logistics freight forwarding area
What is the main international freight forwarding?
The responsibility of an international freight forwarder refers to the responsibility of the international freight forwarder as both an agent and a party. From the traditional status of the international freight forwarders, as an agent, responsible for the consignor or the owner of the booking, custody and arrangements for cargo transport, packaging, insurance, and on their behalf to pay freight, insurance, packaging, customs duties, And then charge a certain agent fee (usually a percentage of the entire cost). All of the above costs are borne by (or will be) the customer, including the international freight forwarders due to the delivery of goods, custody, insurance, customs, visas, bills of exchange for the acceptance and all costs incurred, International freight forwarders can not control the reasons for the contract can not fulfill the other costs incurred. The customer only in the delivery before the full payment of the above costs in order to obtain the right to pick up. Otherwise, the international gift agent has a lien on the goods, the right to a proper way to sell the goods, in order to compensate for the fees they should be charged. International freight forwarders, as pure agents, are generally responsible for the fault of their own and their employees, whose errors and omissions include: failure to deliver the goods; despite the instructions, the insurance is still negligent; the declaration is incorrect; the wrong delivery Destination; failed to obtain the re-export (import) of the goods in accordance with the necessary procedures for tax rebates; did not obtain the consignee's payment and delivery of goods. The international freight forwarder shall also be liable for the loss or damage or loss of property of the third party in the course of its operation. If the international freight forwarder proves that he has made reasonable care for the choice of the third person, he generally does not assume responsibility for the third act or omission. An international freight forwarder, as a party, means an independent contractor who is required to provide the customer with the responsibility in his / her own name, and he shall act as a carrier or subcontractor who is engaged in the performance of an international freight forwarder contract or No action is responsible. In general, he is in contact with the customer is the price, rather than charge agency fees. At present, the laws of the country under the definition of the loan agent and its business scope of the provisions are different, but according to the size of its responsibility, in principle, can be divided into three cases, the first case, as an international freight forwarders, only The second case, as an international freight forwarder, not only for their own mistakes and negligence, but also to make the goods arrived at the destination, which means that he should bear the responsibility of the carrier And the responsibility for the loss of a third party; the third case, the responsibility of the international freight forwarders depends on the provisions of the terms of the contract and the selected means of transport, such as FIATA provides that the international freight forwarders only belong to itself or its employees The fault is responsible. If it is in the choice of a third person has fulfilled his duties, then the third person's behavior or negligence is not responsible. If he proves that he has not fulfilled his duties, his liability shall not exceed the liability of any third party to whom the contract is entered into. It is because of the different legal provisions of countries, requiring the international freight forwarders to assume the responsibility is very different.

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