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Do the whole cabinet of goods and do the difference between the cabinet where?

Read : 【 314 】 Time : 【 2017-01-17 】
First: FCL is a taxi, chartered, so under normal circumstances the cost is relatively high, can be a single ship can also be a single ship, depending on the specific requirements! LCL is a bus, the cost may be slightly cheaper than the FCL (specific circumstances of the specific analysis, LCL is not necessarily more than FCL cost), LCL freight forwarding certainly can not give you a single delivery!

Second: the port operation process is not the same! FCL is usually the customer packing, the cabinet will be returned to the terminal! FCL need customers to the goods to the customs warehouse, by the freight forwarding company unified organization of goods! When the declaration of the entire cabinet customers can easily find the declaration agent customs declaration, bulk cargo not, must be freight forwarding companies in the supervision of the warehouse staff unified handling.

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