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What is the cost of international express fees

Read : 【 234 】 Time : 【 2017-01-17 】
1, the Chinese mail sent to foreign mail, postage, of course, is charged by the China Post, and only charge the yuan. However, all the international postage received by China Post is not owned, but is settled every year. The cost of settlement includes: transportation costs (cars, ships, aircraft, etc., with different transport companies settlement), transit transit transit fees, terminal fees (such as the British Royal Post). All these costs are not particularly fixed, but rather in accordance with the agreement agreed in advance, the basic criteria is the "UPU Convention." Because most of the countries of China, the United Kingdom and the world are members of the UPU.
In turn, the postage of the British mail to China is also settled.
2, through the courier company to send international mail, courier companies can not reach the region, the courier company can not be charged (can not handle this business), because the courier company does not have the service area. If the courier company and the local postal agreement, commissioned by postal service, then the courier company should advance to the sender statement. And the cost of settlement with the post is also handled by agreement.
You should understand that all countries in the world have to fulfill the "universal service obligations", so no matter what the remote areas, postal can be sent. But the courier company is not the same, for some remote areas, or no offices in the region, can not bring profits in the region, the courier company is not for delivery business. This is the fundamental difference between postal and courier companies (all over the world).

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