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How to choose import customs clearance agent?

Read : 【 264 】 Time : 【 2017-01-17 】
1. Basic information is complete.
Company license, office address, website, etc. These are to have, with these basic can take a trust attitude to talk about, but for these things, customers do not all rely on these things, after all, what can be false, Do not be too superstitious on the network. Some companies, when you visit the field will make you surprised. The The
2. Company market awareness.
If there is a long-term in the provision of the service, or products, a fixed customer base, the market has a certain reputation, this is you can trust the import customs clearance agent, Hong Kong import customs clearance agent the best factor. Because a mature company for their customer base, their reputation, will be carefully to maintain, so they will be more cautious, and more responsible.
3. Service factors.
You can pass the side, or the first experiment you import agent, Hong Kong import agent service quality. Of course, to take the experiment is to do the above two factors after the things. Good service company, must be required to import agents, Hong Kong import agents have a very good management, very experienced operation, business. Such a company can trust.
4. Agreement factors.
This is the best prepared! A problem, you can avoid unnecessary quarrel, according to the contract to deal with it. With the contract to ensure that the import agent, Hong Kong import agent will be careful, and then the business will help you to track all the links, with you to make feedback.
In general, the choice of import agents, Hong Kong imports mainly to be done: careful and careful. Of course, you choose people at the same time, people can choose you, too annoying customers, too big customers, too much care about customers, is not necessarily welcome. Fair, fair and open, this is the spirit of the transaction, that is, import agents.

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