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Talent is the Division I most valuable wealth, the Secretary of the door for all the talent is open, the choice of standards is: whether it has a sense of innovation and continuous entrepreneurial spirit. The core of our management model has shifted from the traditional asset management to knowledge management, enterprise assets, projects, positions, markets and other materialized capital are moving around the talent. Now our recruitment strategy is not talent to adapt to the company, but the company take the initiative to adapt to talent, which will activate the human capital, and then activate the other capital elements. This kind of human capital as the core of the action mechanism, so that every division of our expansion, fission, have brought immeasurable capital expansion and efficiency growth.

In the Division I, whether you are a regular staff or general technical staff, (and no matter where you are in the post, as long as you have the real ability to learn really, you may become the company re-use of talent. I always attach importance to the talent for the enterprise The development of the book, always to the talent to fly the vast sky. 'Love before, with only, Yucai' is the principle of our company to abide by, 'to those who, the flat let, Yongzhe' is our competition mechanism, The principle of "Division I" is to "find talent, clear the mediocrity, keep the talent" is the talented person, the talented person, ", Technology developers in the implementation of the elimination system, each year to eliminate the performance of poor staff, replaced by the new candidates selected, and for outstanding achievements of the job promotion.

Our talent concept is to make every employee become useful only. Our decision makers and leaders, never see themselves as a member of the talent group, and not always superior to the savior. To make people feel their own value, the corresponding treatment is undoubtedly one of the important criteria. Our division is exposed to all the talent is such a broad mind: give you a space, let you play, until you find their own talent is not enough

Friends, I am your stage is full of talent!